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2019 Annual Meeting and Field Trip

Sliding and Pushing to the South:

Gravitational collapse of the Paleozoic thrust stack and later hinterland-directed Alleghanian (?) back thrusting, Inner Piedmont, South Carolina & North Carolina.

 October 4-6, 2019 

Headquarters:  Greenville, SC

Trip leaders: Jack Garihan, Scott Brame, and Bill Ranson 

Photo: S-C’ shear fabric in garnet-muscovite-schist, Mine Mountain shear zone

The 80th meeting of the Carolina Geological Society will be held October 4-6, 2019 in the area of Greenville, SC, and will focus on two new aspects of Inner Piedmont tectonic history in South Carolina and nearby North Carolina. Retrograde shear zones and their internal fabrics are interpreted to be the result of top-to-the-south gravitational collapse of the early-mid-Paleozoic thrust stack. The trip will visit the Mine Mountain shear zone in Standingstone Mountain quadrangle. Second, later hinterland-directed thrusting, inverting the normal structural stacking sequence of Six Mile thrust sheet paragneisses over Walhalla thrust sheet orthogneisses, is interpreted as the result of back-thrusting associated with an Alleghanian (?) brittle thrust. Several exposures of the back thrusts will be visited on Sunday. An alternate Sunday excursion will describe the hydrologic conditions at the Cliffs at Glassy Community along the Blue Ridge Front.

Also, will we finally be able to see Larry’s Potato Rock???


Hotel Information:  The headquarters hotel for this year’s meeting has yet to be determined.  You will be responsible for making your own room reservations.  

In 2014, the CGS Board of Directors approved a change in the pricing for the annual meeting.  If you are an active member in good standing in CGS, you can register at a lower price than non-members.  Non-members must pay a higher price to offset the cost of processing their registration.  IF YOU ARE UNSURE IF YOUR MEMBERSHIP IN THE SOCIETY IS ACTIVE AND UP-TO-DATE, PLEASE INQUIRE WITH CGS SECRETARY-TREASURER TYLER CLARK AT:

This year’s prices are as follows:

                                                Members    Non-members    Reduced*

Friday Welcome Party               FREE                  FREE                FREE

Saturday Field Trip                     $TBD                  $TBD                $TBD

Sunday Field Trip                       $TBD                  $TBD                $TBD

Guidebook                                  $TBD                  $TBD                $TBD 

*the Reduced Rate is intended for all active students (high, middle school or college), active high school earth science educators, or retirees.

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