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The Carolina Geological Society was founded in 1937 and incorporated in 1985.  It is an exclusively charitable and educational organization, and is fully tax-exempt under 501 (c)(3) and 509 (a)(2) of the US Internal Revenue Code.  The purpose of the Society is to:

  1. promote the geosciences, especially within the states of North and South Carolina;

  2. promote and encourage their study in the schools and colleges in these states;

  3. encourage research in these sciences and the presentation of its results; and

  4. promote a spirit of friendship and cooperation among earth scientists.  

The principal activity of the Society is an annual field trip and membership meeting, typically held in Fall.  Field trips consist of an all-day Saturday trip, followed by an half-day Sunday trip.  The annual membership meeting is held on Saturday. The Society is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors, which is elected from the membership during its annual meeting.

Membership in the Carolina Geological Society is open to anyone with a serious interest in the geosciences. Click the “How to Join” button to learn more.

For additional information contact Tyler Clark, CGS Secretary-Treasurer at

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