The Geology of the Carolinas:  CGS 50th Anniversary Volume

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In preparation for the 50th anniversary of the Society (1987), the Board of Directors decided that a book should be compiled on the geology of the Carolinas.

Wright Horton and Victor Zullo agreed to co-edit the book. Steve Conrad and Ole Olson (as State Geologists of North and South Carolina) helped raise over $10,000 from various corporations and individuals in the two states to be applied toward publication costs. In addition, the membership contributed $1,000.

After many delays, the hardback book was published in 1991 by the University of Tennessee Press. The 406-page volume contains 19 articles on just about every phase of the geology of the Carolinas (see list of articles below).

It is currently Out of Print and unavailable for purchase.  There are no plans to reprint the volume in the future.


List of Articles in The Geology of the Carolinas: CGS 50th Anniversary Volume

  1. 1.An Introduction to the Geology of the Carolinas, by J. Wright Horton and Victor A. Zullo

  2. 2.The Blue Ridge Geologic Province, by Robert D. Hatcher, Jr. and Stephen A. Goldberg

  3. 3.The Western Piedmont, by J. Wright Horton and Keith I. McConnell

  4. 4.The Central Piedmont, by J. Robert Butler and Donald T. Secor, Jr.

  5. 5.The Eastern Piedmont in North Carolina, by Edward F. Stoddard, Stewart S. Farrar, J. Wright Horton, J. Robert Butler, and Robert M. Druhan

  6. 6.The Eastern Piedmont in South Carolina, by Harmon D. Maher, Jr., Paul E. Sacks, and Donald T. Secor, Jr.

  7. 7.Plutonic Rocks, by Harry Y. McSween, Jr., J. Alexander Speer, and Paul D. Fullagar

  8. 8.Metamorphism, by J. Robert Butler

  9. 9.Rift Basins of Early Mesozoic Age, by Paul E. Olsen, Albert J. Froelich, David L. Daniels, Joseph P. Smoot, and Pamela J. W. Gore

  10. 10. Mesozoic Igneous Rocks, by Paul C. Ragland

  11. 11. Cretaceous Stratigraphy of the Carolina Coastal Plain, by Norman F. Sohl and James P. Owens

  12. 12. Cretaceous and Tertiary Stratigraphy of the Upper Coastal Plain, South Carolina, by Paul G. Nystrom, Jr., Ralph H. Willoughby, and Lucile Kite Price

  13. 13. Stratigraphy and Structure of the Paleocene and Lower Eocene Black Mingo Group, South Carolina, by Donald J. Colquhoun and Michael G. Muthig

  14. 14. Eocene and Oligocene Stratigraphy of the Outer Coastal Plain, by W. Burleigh Harris and Victor A. Zullo

  15. 15. Sequence Stratigraphy of Miocene Deposits, North Carolina Continental Margin, by Scott W. Snyder, Stephen W. Snyder, Stanley R. Riggs, and Albert C. Hines

  16. 16. Pliocene and Early Pleistocene Stratigraphy, Depositional History, and Molluscan Paleobiogeography of the Coastal Plain, by Lauck W. Ward, Richard H. Bailey, and Joseph G.. Carter

  17. 17. Surficial Geology and Geomorphology, by David R. Soller and Hugh H. Mills

  18. 18. Evidence of Cenozoic Tectonism, by David C, Prowell and Stephen F. Obermeier

  19. 19. Mineral Resources of the Carolinas, by Geoffrey Feiss, Arthur H. Maybin III, Stanley R. Riggs, and Andrew E. Grosz

Appendix.  Index to Field Guides of the Carolina Geological Society, by Lucille Kite Price

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